LIVE Music in Newport News Featuring ZEN MOJO

Join us for live music with Zen Mojo at our Newport News location!

ZEN MOJO is a premier music act known for their groove infested remixes of songs from your favorite radio stations.

LIVE Music on the Gloucester Patio Featuring StonesThrow

What pairs well with Mexican food? Why, live music on the patio at our Gloucester location featuring StonesThrow, of course! Join us!

StonesThrow is an acoustic music duo made up of Jeff Green of Hayes, Virginia and Eddie Terrell of Yorktown, Virginia. Jeff and Eddie have been friends for over 20 years and playing together for several years now as a duo and as a part of a full electric rock band. Jeff has been in many working bands for the past twenty five years as a guitarist,vocalist and songwriter. Eddie, while not being as active in bands, is an accomplished guitarist, vocalist and pianist in his own right. He has played both guitar and piano for many years.